Is Sterling Silver a Good Quality

Sterling silver is an alloy form of metal. The alloy constitutes of 92.5% silver, and 7.5% of the remaining weigh is attributed to by metals like copper. The composite is prone to tarnishing, a property that can we can eliminate by using metals such as zinc, silicon, germanium, boron, and platinum. But is sterling silver a good quality?

To answer this question, we have carried out investigative research on the quality of sterling silver. From the analysis, we see that sterling alloy is of good quality, and worth to buy. In this article, therefore, we discuss reasons why you should start to purchase sterling silver products. These include;

1. Sterling Silver is Durable

Products from sterling silver tend to be more durable. Proper care of the products enhance the durability and using metals such as copper to make the alloy. Sterling silver pieces will retain their appearance and look the same even after more than 40 years.

2. Low in Reactivity Energy

Sterling silver products don’t react with oxygen or water, and as a result, the silver oxide layer rarely develops. This layer will only form with exposure of sterling silver materials to air pollutants.


It forms silver sulfide which in return react with low ozone levels resulting in silver oxide which lowers the quality of pure silver.

3. Wide Range of Applications

Sterling silver has a wide range of applications since its establishment. Even today, we use it in the manufacture of eating implements such as forks, spoons, and knives. It is also used in making of surgical and medical instruments as a result of its excellent quality. Sterling silver is also applicable in the manufacture of brasswind instruments such as saxophone and flute. The reason behind this use is because of its unique acoustic character.

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Examples of manufacturers that use sterling silver for such purposes include Selmer and Yanagisawa. The two have crafted saxophones using sterling silver which makes their instruments look colorful and more resonant.

The alloy is also used to make different pieces of jewelry such as sterling silver rings. Reason to use sterling silver in the making of silver jewels is that pure silver is much soft. By adding copper, the manufactured ornaments become stronger. Sterling silver products in stores will are with a number 925 for identification purposes. To protect these jewels from tarnishing, we coat them with rhodium, a member of platinum metal.

4. A long Time in Use

As early as the 12th century, sterling silver had already started its use on the European continent. It was used as a currency during the American Colonial period and as a general good. It was also used to make buckles, rococo, among other items. Sterling silver has a long history of its use around the globe, from one century to another. In this way, it shows how solid the alloy is for different applications.

5. Flexible to Styles

Sterling silver products can resemble different styles. As a result, this increases the range of application of the alloy. The cleaning of the tarnish is also a simple thing to do.

Sterling silver has a wide range of applications, and if we were to eliminate out of the market, we could lose the good taste of different products. It increases the beauty in our homes, bodies and the shopping centers.
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The alloy is more durable than pure silver, with a wide range of applications. And for these reasons, therefore, sterling silver is considered to be of good quality.