Best Jewelry Trends in 2018

Jewelry is ornamentals that you can wear on your body or clothes. They are made of various metals and range from simple to classic. They include necklaces, rings bracelets, earrings, and others. Jewelry is not just worn, but one has to consider both the occasion and the trend of the times. In this year 2018, there are various Jewelry trends.

Mega Size Jewelry

Adorning with Mega size jewelry this season is just marvelous. The fashion trend is back to the bold and fearless era. Oversized jewelry is just a contradiction to assertive confidence. They are also a very compelling contrast to elegant, simple clothing.

Retro ski gear-themed spherical earrings, combos, epic hoop earrings, and Toga’s epic chain necklaces are just but trends to try out.

Autumn Leaves

Leaves are to some degree of a puzzling symbol. They could be glistening gold or luxe evening, but they all are delicate and fanciful. The neck –grazing chandelier leaf beats even the single earing trending this year. Commonly leaves are metallic with the golden color the most popular.

Oversized Chain Link Chokers

Chokers have been around for some seasons back. However, this year they are heavily present in the populations. For owners, it is advisable to wear chokers with either a floral dress or a ruffled blouse. Dolce and Gabbana, Cloe, Chanel, Balenciaga, and Nicapanda are just, but a handful of designers who graced the runaways with chain links necklaces that were thick oversized.


Though a trend of the 90s-era, body chains have made a comeback. This time though they are enhanced thus they have come dazzling and elusive. Chains can be either beneath or outside. Designers like Jacquemus and Gucci adorned their models with chains on the wrists, shoulders, and waists. Generally, body chains are trending in most jewelry store near me.

Singular Statement Earring

This is simply an eye-catching oversize earing plus another which is just subtle. The trend is quite intriguing and creative. Models from significant stylists like Dries Van Noten, Jaquemus, Carven, and others. have staged the runaways with these awesome accessories.


Though an accessory of earlier days, brooches are all over the market. They vary from the slight, sleek or super blinged. Louis Vuitton, Alexander Mcqueen, and Chanel are but a few of the designers who have promoted this jewel.

Brooches can be used merely for keeping your scarf in place, or you can use them to add some details on you. Pin them on coats hats, dresses or skirts.

Gold Hoops 2.0

The gold hoops are taking many head-turning presences. They add new life to your collections and are ever in style. They are easy to match as they fit with almost everything. Louis Vuitton is much for the uber thick reiterations. Gold hoops are better options even for gifts and are considered free size.

Portrait of modern young attractive brunette beauty.

The chunky and ornate cuffs have hit the world by storm. Their similarity to sculptural is their most significant selling factor. However, cuffs can host striking combinations of jewels as well as sophisticated ones. Rather than just being basic, enhance your looks with cuffs for a magical makeover.


The 2018 jewelry trend is bold, overconfident, and categorical. Your jewelry must stand out by whatever means. The statement it gives out must be decisive and is bowing. Think diversity, color, and texture.