When Not to Wear Your Jewelry

For centuries now, people have been putting on jewelries to enhance and complement their overall look. Wearing a piece of jewelry boosts a person’s confidence by making him or her truly feel themselves. In most cases, jewelries are highly valued as gifts. Thus, people tend to wear them all the time even in instances that they do not have to. Circumstances when not to wear your jewelry include,


One of the most common mistakes when handling ornaments is sleeping in your jewelry. Jewelry owners tend to forget or even assume this fact. Our beddings, especially the bed sheets, are made of threads. Hence, when any form of jewelry gets into contact with the sheets the encounter turns out to be hazardous.

 Wear Your Jewelry

Additionally, the bed sheets with the woven threads can also have an effect on the ornaments. The contact on the tips or edges of bracelets, ring pendants and other form of jewelry can lead to premature wear. The constant rubbing of the ornaments will make your jewelry start losing its original color. This may create a need for maintenance more often therefore turning to be an expensive course.


Swimming pools are usually treated with a chemical named shock. The chemical substance is very corrosive cause of its caustic elements that are meant to end algae and bacteria production. Hence, the chemicals are strong enough to disorient the structure of some metals used in making jewelry.

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Furthermore, the prongs, which hold most rings, are small so as not to obstruct the view of the beautiful and precious stones. That makes the miniaturized metal to be easily compromised. Swimming in the ocean may lead to more problems since the salty water may break the porous metals.

Working Out

Another situation that you need not to wear your jewelry is when going for a gym session or simply working out in your home. It is widely proven that perspiration leads to reaction between your skin and the costume jewelry. Thus, during a workout session you are highly advised to remove all your jewelry and put them aside.

While Undertaking Household Chores

Jewelry manufacturing involves precious components with a malleable nature. Thus, this characteristic makes the Italian Luxury Jewelry by DiModolo to be susceptible to degradation after contact with chemicals used in water to do most of the household chores such as laundry and cleaning utensils. Hence, it is advisable not to have your jewelry on wile undertaking those chores.


When Developing Allergic issues to Your Jewelry

In some cases, prolonged exposure to some types of ornaments may result to unfamiliar symptoms such as rashes, blisters or itch skins There are ornaments that are deemed to entire comprise of pure silver or gold elements but that turns not to be the case.

Such jewelries are made of other metal components that are added to gold and silver. For example, nickel a type of metal, is added to silver and gold. However, most of this final products end up irritating the skin making it to get itchy.

Thus, the best practice is to remove all jewelry when is situation such as swimming, undertaking household chores or even when going out for a swim or workout session.