What is Better Boxycharm or Birchbox

Purchasing cosmetics may always seem like a daunting EXECUTIVE task because most of the products are sealed before the purchase is completed. Of course, you can still take your time while shopping and stop by a local cosmetics store. A beauty product professional will assist you in picking one of the best products. Even so, that will still take time. For that reason, the gurus of the makeup industry came up with a beauty box. This is how it works.


Every month, a box is dispatched in your mailbox. It lets you sample a broad range of beauty products at an affordable price. Usually, the price is lower than the actual retail price. Over the years, beauty boxes have become prominent as more cosmetics retailers have delved into the craze of offering monthly subscription packages as samples of their products. For that reason, you should follow this breakdown for insight on which beauty box suits you between Boxycharm and Birchbox.


Also described as a charming beauty in a box, Boxycharm is an all-in-one beauty box coupled with a blending box. In every box you purchase, there will be a range of five products ranging from skincare, beauty tools, cosmetics, color cosmetics, and makeup. Every box is worth $100 on the lower side. Every beauty fanatic understands just how finding a high-end cosmetics brand at a pocket-friendly price is daunting. That is why according to a review of Boxycharm, having such beauty products brought to your convenience is an ultimate luxury that many consider far-fetched yet these are the dreamy luxuries that clients have subscribed for at Boxycharm. With a monthly subscription of $21, you can enjoy five beauty products that unravel your alter ego.

What is in Boxycharm?

Coastal Scents: It comes in three pallets and is gentle to every skin type.
Vassanti Professional Foundation: This mask makes your skin smooth. It absorbs impurities and cleanses pores. The advanced antioxidants fight free radicals thereby reversing skin damage.

Royal Setting Brush with Eyeliner: This is the only brush and eyeliner you will recycle. It has a luxurious formula that is super pigmented. It gives a rich, beautiful color in the end. The felt applicator offers you the chance to come up with defined lines.
Precise Eyeliner Maker: The thin tip is incredibly precise and does not wobble in your hands.


Number of Items in the Box: 5

Types of Items: Makeup, fragrance, and hair products
Some of the Brands Represented: Birchbox sources out some of the world’s best brands in the cosmetics industry. Some of the manufacturers represented include Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, and Estee Lauder.

Customization Options: Clients complete membership profile by answering questions regarding their beauty preferences, skin types, and tastes. The data is utilized in creating a list of products. Before shipping, clients can refer to their orders and request to have a sample of products. They can also change their order in the process.


Without a doubt, Boxycharm is better than Birchbox because it has a wide range of products within the five slots. Aside from that, it is pocket-friendly and allows clients to sample products before placing their orders. The brand has also mastered the art of including clients in the ordering process.

As such, the management has an experienced technical team that ensures every order regardless of the client’s demands is delivered on time. When it comes to picking the ingredients used in creating these beauty products, the management ensures that it outsources from companies that use natural ingredients to protect users from experiencing skin allergies.