What tanning lotion gets you the darkest?

The beauty market is flooded with a variety of tanning lotions. They come in a wide range of options to choose from. You can opt for a deeper orange look if only some health guidelines are adhered to. In addition, healthy tips such as hydration and moisturizing of the skin if followed can enable one wear tan for longer. Consequently, if you have exfoliated the skin prior to the tanning process, a long-lasting tanning effect can be attained for a more radiant tanned skin.


Spend less time when sun-bathing. This can prevent the skin from sunburn. There is a significant difference between a sunburn and tan. When your skin is exposed to sun for long, your skin will most likely burn from the powerful rays. Even if you have sunscreen lotion on or not. when choosing the right tan to use, check the chemical content of the tanning agents. Some chemical components of some products are harsh to the skin causing it to dry up and crack.

Mine tan the best tanning lotion

Our product is enhanced and carefully manufactured to give you a healthy tan. They are also friendly to all skin types. In addition, we have considered a variety of tan hue depending on any skin tone.

Get quick tans

Our skilled product specialist have incorporated the 1HT formula which contains Fast tanning actives which activate the tanning process through the Quad Bronzing Technology. The tan is naturally derived because the actives are fused with natural fruit extracts. The smooth amino acids which are absorbed in the skin faster makes a long-lasting natural tan. Moreover, the botanical ingredients also leave the skin hydrated, moisturized and radiant.

The hue of the tan

Our tanning lotion is like an infusion of three products in one tube. If you want to achieve a natural tan, leave the product on the skin for an hour before you take a shower.

Best Tan Products

If you want a deeper-hued tan, allow it to penetrate the skin for two hours. If you want to go a really dark color, postpone your shower for 3 hours. All these procedures will depend on the level of tan you would want to achieve.

Replicate a natural tan in the finishing

The point of bronzing is to create a more natural tan. The secret is in the finish. This is attained by getting a natural dark look and at the same time maintain an equilibrium of the skin. Therefore, getting the right tanning agent is very crucial. To maintain skin moisture and firm features, the best product to try is our Coconut water tans. Another top product is the Luxe Oil tanning treatment. The latter one is infused with a variety of natural oils.

Lotion New

After giving a try on our products, your time spent outdoors will be more fulfilling. Since you will not get worried about obtaining sunburn. You will be able to tan almost any part of your body. This will be achieved by incorporating our products in spray bottles.This will help you reach every part of your body. It is important to take care of your skin at all times to avoid drying and cracking.